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What’s a full stack developer?

Found here: Main points: layers of the full stack: Server, Network, and Hosting Environment. This involves understanding what can break and why, taking no resource for granted. Appropriate use of the file system, cloud storage, network resources, and an understanding of data redundancy and availability is necessary. How does the application scale given the

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primecoind and/or primeminer (beeeeerpool ed.) on a digital ocean droplet

First of all, make sure you have swap on (see previous post) The Ubuntu droplet needed those packages libdb++-dev libssl-dev libboost1.48-all-dev libgmp-dev the versioning is sometimes tricky, depending on distribution version and a lot of others. I was successfully using 1.46 of the Boost package before, so you might want to try different ones. The

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make a swap file on the fly

Disclaimer: this should only be used if you can’t partition your drive by yourself, or it would be a hazzle to do so. I’ve used that method to make one compile process work, otherwise I don’t really need it.